Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Our Cathy

I truly don't know where to begin when I talk about how grateful I am to have Cathy Dean in my life. Melissa and I laugh because I was very old before I figured out she was actually my sister's Godmother. She and Preston loved us the same and were both always there for Melissa and I. So now that I am 37 years old she is still there for me. Even though I need to be the one there for her this year, she is still taking care of me. Boy did I sure need it in December too! It was a month of challenges for me personally. Cathy rented a mini van and drove from KC to Springfield to pick up our crazy crew. We all rode 13 hours to San Antonio with Buddy the lizard and 36 live crickets but we made it. Only Cathy could do this without a complaint! We had a great visit and I think one of the highlights was the girls shopping day in Boerne where we all scored some great bargains. The other highlight might have been Cathy's cinnamon rolls. I think Jason ate a whole pan by himself. On the way home we stopped at Chick Fill A parking lot in Dallas where there was literally a pick up from Jason's Uncle of an old German Lugger Gun in a plastic bag. Sweet Cathy just rolled with it! We are at times a crazier bunch than even I realize but she still loves us and tolerates us. Huge blessing having her drive us. I hope she knows how lucky I feel to have her in my life. I could never repay she or Preston for always being there for me. I am glad my children now see what a wonderful blessing she is to us, how lucky we are to have her and just how special she is to me. She is such a great example to me of hard work and grace combined. Thank you Cathy for being such a role model to Jason and I and now my kids! We couldn't love you anymore. Let's do another trip soon without all the loud children, buddy the lizard, firearms & live crickets!


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