Thursday, January 12, 2012

We love us some "Sasa"

We loved hanging with our Sasa. She made the super long trip to see us with her fiancé Shaun. We loved Shaun and he fit right in with the Brawner family so it's now official we approve (majorly)!!! My kids were so thrilled to spend several days with their Sasa. We really worked on our sales pitch of what a great place to live Springfield, MO is. Not sure if they "bought it" (hahaha) but I think the possibility of our Sasa moving back is a strong possibility. We even tried bribing her with our lovely rental "Elm" house. Jason is not sure if that isn't a deterrent at it's current state. My kids just think she is truly in our family. MJ got a locket necklace right after she left and she said "on one side I want a picture of our whole family and on the other side I just want me, Jackson, Smith and Sasa". My thoughts exactly!!! She and Shaun better get their biscuits back to their family pronto!!

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