Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Brawner Italian Bistro

Serve one another in love" Galatians 5:13. That was our theme verse for the post Valentines Day Brawner Italian Bistro.  We invited 4 special couples over and all 6 of our Barnabas Prep Students and interns and we set up a restaurant at 1355 South Fairway.  The prep students came early and helped make signs and menus, decorated and got "coached on serving etiquette".  We set up sheets and blocked off the rooms and utilized two upstairs bedrooms to give each couple their own romantic candlelit dinner.  Each couple had a list of "romantic" questions that they were to talk about over the course of their meal and they ordered off of a special menu.  Our special couples knew it was a romantic evening but didn't know it was a full blown restaurant!  Jamie greeted them when they came to the door and took their name to make sure they were on the "list" and had a reservation.  Then they were seated and our other five students (Carley, Suz, Jen, Harlee and Jake) were servers.  They did great and the Brawner and Frech kids jumped right in and served right along with the students.  It was great fun to help people who really have depended on others to serve them (our prep students and my children) to they themselves also be able to serve.  It was such a great experience to serve these special couples too because they all spend so much time serving others and their own families that it was neat to see them be served for a change.  We ended the evening with Jake and Harlee (and Emily) singing and a s'mores cookout in the backyard. Lots of fun and craziness as I had worked tons the 3 days before and of course it was an Army drill weekend for Jason so he literally showed Sunday up right as the party started but we pulled it off!  I think the students and my kids felt the tremendous "high" that serving others can give you.  It was fun to see them "get it" and take joy in serving.  In a world that tells us to serve ourselves it really does become a "high" to follow the command of Galations 5:13 and serve one another in love. Thank you Jesus for being that perfect example of a servant and thank you Flannery an Kilbourne family for giving us the original best memories of an Italian Bistro!

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