Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please send our Pop's back!

> Our Pop's came in for a super quick visit and it was sure not long enough! He came in Thursday and stayed through early Monday morning. He literally watched all three kids while I put in about 30 hours of work in during a 3 day period and Jason studied like a madman for his grad school finals. It really was a godsend because I'm not sure if Jason would have passed if he had to take care of everyone & study. Jason has many strengths but multi-tasking is not one of them. Pop's got to go to school with Jackson on Friday and Jackson was so excited. They then took their annual trip to Incredible Pizza just the two of them. We ended Sunday with a Wii tournament of course. My Dad hopefully knows by now that I would be very lost and ungrounded in life without him and this weekend was no different. So grateful for his encouraging, calming and always humorous presence. Jackson summed it up Sunday night when he went to bed and said "but I don't want Pops to leave". Me neither!!

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