Friday, March 02, 2012

A day in Chicago

I'm not sure how we were able to work it all out but it took 9 people helping with the kids for Jason and I to go to Chicago for 48 hours. Jason is finishing up his masters of divinity at Liberty University for becoming a chaplain and he is in his last semester.
Since he has completed all his theology classes and just has his counseling classes left he received a last minute call with an opening to be ordained in Chicago. He jumped on it as becoming ordained helps speed up the Army's ability to pin on his cross faster. It was an all day ordeal, a marvelous ceremony with a lengthy interview. The big guy passed and it is official now. Rev Brawner! We celebrated with an amazing Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago. It was crazy getting away but it was a great time away. We concluded our Chicago visit with a trip to Ikea (which might not have been the best idea haha). We are in the midst of a crazy master bathroom renovation and got some great stuff! We also scored some White Castle in St Louis there and on the way back.

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