Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Sunday Small Group

The Brawners' sure look forward to Sundays. We have been convicted lately to attempt to make Sunday different from other days in our week. We are trying to eat at home, fellowship more, no major errand running and just have more quality family time. Some Sundays we do better than others but some of our favorite Sundays are the couple of times a month we have been going over after church for a fabulous lunch and fellowship with our friends the Kilbournes (Kory, Natalie, Madie and Jenna). We got so lucky and this weekend our dearest friends the Flannery's from Oklahoma came in with their three kids Cade, Cooper and Caitlyn. We all had so much fun catching up and playing with the kids. It made us all remember the old times when we all got together and hung out before we had kids (minus baby Madie and Oppy & Barley the dogs). But it is even better now with eight and a half kids because there is way more action, a lot more drama which always leads to more laughter. Natalie whipped up a lovely lunch and we all just enjoyed each others company.
A few of the highlights of the day:
Cooper and his sweet stories in his two year old voice of "Woolie the Hippo" who lives in the OKC zoo with his wife Hope. We love it when Cooper uses his hands to tell the "Woolie" stories.
The boys playing their serious and severely nerdy 1980's game of Leverage.
Natalie's funny stories of their recent trip to London and South Africa.
Natalie "ripping on" the barn house kitchen.
Jackson marching upstairs multiple times throughout the day reporting who is not being nice to his very best friend in the whole world "Madie." The report is usually against Madie's sweet sister Jenna. Jackson loves Madie and is fiercely loyal towards Madie. We laugh so hard.
Mollie Jane trying to put all the bath toys in sweet Caitlyn's Pack n Play so she could have something to play with. That sweet baby just hung in her Pack n Play for forever and was so content.
Cade is his hunting outfit. We are convinced this outfit is only because they have been living in Oklahoma for way too many years.
Root Beer floats for the kids.
Shawna and her incredible patience in every situation she is in.
Cade telling very serious stories about his imaginary friend "guy."
All the kids playing in the basement together so well for hours at a time. We often times for moments all forget we have children when we are together.
Jackson once again getting "sweaty" and taking his shirt off.

Jason and I just feel blessed beyond belief with friends like these. Our kids truly love their kids and are all literally in tears when they have to leave each other. No one knows us better than these friends and we are so thankful for their constantly accountability to us, their Godly examples, and their constant prayers. Lord knows we need it all!!! Jason and I sometimes wish we were in a small group but were reminded this weekend that this is truly our small group. It has been sporadically going on for about ten years (as we all move around). Sometimes you forget that God has already given you what you wished for. Thank you Lord for these couples and their kids and I know no matter where we all end up they can still be our "Sunday Small Group."

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Natalie K said...

This is the best small group ever! We do not need to study the latest book, or even have group more than once a month...but when we get together I always feel more joy, laughter and encouragement than any other time! Thanks for coming over, see you next Sunday!