Sunday, February 08, 2009

Whatever did we do on the weekend before we had kids?

The Brawner's had another fun filled weekend.
-Friday night , we kicked it off by driving to Branson for a get together with several of Jason's High School friends and their families. Jason sees those guys just a couple of times a year and I hadn't seen that group since I was pregnant with Mollie Jane.
-We were the first people there (which first of all is a little weird for us).
-The spread was beany weenies, chips & queso, brownies and beer which was sort of my first thought that maybe this was just a "guys night" that I am suddenly attending with my two kids.
-As the night continued to progress his other five friends showed up all without their wives and children and with more beer. I was suddenly feeling a little out of place being a pregnant female with my two kids and my Caesar Salad.
-My sweet husband had somehow missed the fact that it was not a family get together.
-All that to say, that group of guys is so great and they were all on their phones trying to call their wives to come out and rescue me but I was the only sucker!! I really enjoyed seeing all of them and catching up with what their wives and children were doing. I insisted that my kids and I definitely needed to be invited back to the next guys night because how else were they going to get a salad. They were all great and we had fun and stayed for a short while. The kids and I drove home and the guys did their guy thing and Jason hitched a ride back to Springfield with one of his pals.

Saturday consisted of
-Jason taking Mollie Jane on a date to the Builders Home Show at our Expo center and loosing a "woobie."
-Jackson and I had his basketball pictures and then he had a basketball game.
-The whole family then headed about an hour away to a wedding reception where my kids had a blast. It was our wonderful babysitter Blair's sister Kristen (who used to also babysit for us.) We enjoyed ourselves so much we were once again the last people to leave the reception. We stayed and helped clean up a bit.
-Mollie Jane and her wonderful potty trained self decided she needed to go to the bathroom. My two year old somehow stopped up the toilet and then the whole toilet overflowed and literally started flooding the bathroom and into the reception area. Thank goodness everyone had left besides the family but the lovely father of the bride had to mop it up.
-Just when I thought we would be banned from the town of Monett Missouri forever Jackson insisted we get to go to Blair and Kristen's house. So we hung out there with the brides family as they unwinded from a fun filled wedding day. They were so great and their next door neighbor brought the Wii over for Jackson and showed him the new game of Dance, Dance Revolution. My son looked like he had "Tourette's Syndrome" but thought he was Napoleon Dynamite and had a blast.

Sunday consisted of
-A great day at church where Jason taught the Kid's Big church and I taught Jackson's Kindergarten class. So Fun! Of Course everyone at church thinks my husband is the funniest thing ever. He really is but I reminded a few people when you live with it 24/7 sometimes it isn't as funny! HAHAHA!
-Lunch at the club which is always a bonus when I don't have to cook
-Jason and Jackson playing a few holes of golf on this lovely 60 degrees day
-A short bike ride
-Mollie Jane and Jackson making some Valentines and somehow my son always gets hot during crafts and insists on taking his shirt off???
-I vacuumed and the kids always squeal and scream with laughter and built forts all over the house and pretend to hide from the vacuum. It really is not even worth it to vacum because I spend more time picking up the fort remnants than I do vacuuming.
-My husband cooking this fabulous new recipe for dinner (I think he still feels bad about Friday night). I'll see how many meals and favors I can get out of his guilt.
-Jackson's new favorite book is this silly chapter book called "Captain Underpants" and tonight before bath He and Mollie Jane stripped down to their socks and undies and tied their blankets around their necks and run through the house like superheros singing "TRALALALALA."

We had a great fun filled family weekend but I am thinking to myself as I am winding down from this weekend getting ready for next week, Really, what did we do before we had kids? I have come to the conclusion- NOTHING!

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Heather said...

A busy, fun filled weekend as usual for the Brawner fam! :) You should have called, I could have rescued you from the guys night only. Love keeping up with you, sorry I haven't called you back yet. Love you!