Friday, January 30, 2009

We would like some more snow days!

Living in Missouri you get used to battling the snow & ice. The positive side of snow & ice is that you have this lovely thing called a "snow day." All of you Texans are not familiar with that term. Hopefully by the time you get finished reading this blog you will have an idea of what a snow day is.

Snow days in the Brawner house consist of:

-Sleeping in very late
-Staying in your PJ's most of the day (and yes there was one day at about 4:00 Jackson said "Mommy how cool would it be if we could stay in our jammies all day."
-Mac and Cheese for lunch. If we have a snow day we automatically get to have Mac & Cheese for lunch (even if it is not a Thursday). Jackson and I are all about Mac & Cheese day every day ("even if it is not good for your body.")
-Sledding and making snow ramps. Although this year, I unfortunately could not sled (but pregnant or not I was really tempted).
-Building a snowman family in our front yard. Jackson insisted we build a "brother" a "sissy" and a "baby" snowmen. I told him we didn't have enough snow in our yard to make a "Daddy" snowman or especially a pregnant "Mommy" snowman.
-Dessert every night. When it is cold and snowy outside it just call for baking.
-A very fun-filled sleepover with donuts and Planet Earth, especially when school gets called off the night before and you know you get to sleep in.
-Hot Chocolate with lots of Marshmellows when you are done sledding.
-Big breakfasts of eggs, pancakes or whatever you want. Forget the usual oatmeal and banana.
-An outing to our local mall to run out our energy at the play place.
-A couple of dinners at our house with our sweet single next door neighbor Tracy.
-Extra time to play our Wii.
-Making chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the day and testing the batter.
-Playing lots of "Go Fish," Board Games and "Old Maid."
-I loved that there were several home projects finished and lots of drawer sorting. My nesting habits are kicking in a little early this pregnancy.
-Late bedtimes
-We had lot of time with our favorite babysitter Blair who was down here for school and got stranded with us for about 5 days. I think my kids got really used to her being here and so did I. Could she please come back and do my lunch and dinner dishes tomorrow?
-Snow boots are way fun and especially Mollie Jane getting to wear her themed "Dora" snow boots. They are a real treat cauz we have very limited selection of themed apparel besides PJ's because Mommy is not a big fan of it.
-Jason not really laughing after pushing Blair's car after it got stuck in the snow for about an hour one day.
-I don't have to work on snow days because most of my clients are rural and can't get out. Yeah!! Or I guess it stops being a "Yeah" when I get this week's paycheck in mid-February.
-Jackson loved playing with all the neighborhood kids at our favorite sledding spot and him finally really "living life on the edge" and going down the hill backwards on his sled or on his tummy over the ramp. He is not our daredevil, but we're working on it.
-We had some late night deliveries to our next door neighbors of our plethora of baked goods so my stomach doesn't get any wider than it needs to be.

So if that doesn't inspire all you Texans or warm weather people, I don't know what will. You just don't know what your are missing. Three Snow days in a row is pretty unusual for us here because we get used to functioning in the snow. It was lovely. No complaints from the Brawner household. The house was too quiet today when the kids went back to school.
We also got out and went to our first official "Doctor's Office Sonogram." Everything looked great and we are right on target for our June 2 due date. I am just glad it didn't get pushed back! The kids loved seeing the baby on the monitor. The ultrasound nurse printed a picture out for Jackson and Mollie Jane and told them the baby was waving at them. Jackson has been carrying it everywhere since Wednesday.

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