Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Jackson Brawner Style

Our usual and favorite couple and their kids to spend New Years Eve with were in Arkansas this year. So this year we decided rather than twist our babysitters arms to babysit our kiddo on New Years Eve that we would make it a fun filled family night. So Jackson planned his perfect night and we got out some paper and wrote down our agenda for the night.

1)Going to dinner at Chick Fill A and playing in the play place after we eat.

2)Wii Tournament complete with official paperwork of the various rounds of the tournament. He insisted on inviting our single neighbor next door to participate. "Don't you think she would love to be in our tournament Mommy?" I didn't have the heart to tell him she is single and dating and I am sure she will not be hanging out by herself next door. Before I knew it, he had sounded out the cutest flyer complete with a picture telling Ms Tracy that there was a Wii tournament at the Brawner House and taped it to her door.

3) No bath. It is a treat for my kids when their "germ a fobe" Mom lets them skip a bath. Even in the winter.

4)A sleepover for the whole family in Mommy and Daddy's bed complete with donuts (chocolate and powdered sugar). He insisted since it was New Years Eve that Mollie Jane participate in the sleepover too. Mollie Jane really didn't know what a sleepover was but couldn't have been mor excited about it.

Chick Fill A was fabulous dinner. Besides the police officers who were on duty eating there, the Brawners just about had the restaurant to ourselves. Jackson and Mollie Jane loved having the run of the play place.
We then came home and started the Wii tournament. Daddy kicked everyone's "biscuits" in bowling. Jackson kicked everyone's "biscuits" in Golf and the running portion on the Wii Fit. Jackson was deemed the winner of the tournament and proudly placed his name in the winner's brackets. Mollie Jane actually did some of the running portion of the Wii fit with a real remote. Usually we just hand her a numb chuck and let her think she's playing.
We then got in bed with our Donuts and watched our favorite sleepover show "Planet Earth." Mollie Jane did excellent for the donut portion of the sleepover but then kept getting on and off the bed during "Planet Earth" saying "I be right back." Mommy quickly decided a New Years Eve hangover would have been better than a sleepover with a two year old. So poor Mollie Jane got booted to her crib but had a lovely nights sleep and so did the three of us in our big bed.
Jackson woke me up in the morning saying "Mommy you have been sleeping a long time." I then open my eyes with his nose literally pressed to my nose and a giant smile Jackson says "Wasn't that the best sleepover?"

All that to say. Jason and I have had some really great New Years Eve parties and rang in the New Year in some fun places. We have been with wonderful friends in lovely atmospheres with awesome food. We have even gotten all "fancied up" and one year I remember busting out my "millennium skirt." Yes, I actually bought a silver one!!! It was lovely (ask Anne E. and my sister).
But this one will definitely go down at the top of my list. Once again, I am reminded by my five year old that it is not always about what you are doing, where you are or how much money your spend, but only who you are with.
I think this is the first year I can recall ringing in the new year in my PJ's and retainer but it was sure lovely.


Natalie K said...

I wish we could have been there for the Wii tournament. Kilbournes would have kick all your biscuits. It's on the calendar for next year...pj's and all. However I may have to borrow your retainer! NERD!

Penelope said...

Al- You are 34 years old. I am certain your orthodontist would approve of your kicking the retainer now. Jason might like it, too. :) Miss you room dog.

The Pardues said...

Yes, I can certainly verify that your silver millenium skirt was awesome. But ringing in 2009 sounds like it was MUCH more fun! I can't let the reatiner thing slide, either... Al, seriously. YEUT!!!!