Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Chilly SDC Christmas

We had a fun filled Brawner family Christmas on the 27th. We went down to Branson to Big and SueSue's for a fun day with out cousins Jameson (5) and Owen (2). Jackson and Jameson were watching a movie in a back bedroom so Uncle Travis decided to set up the Wii that they had gotten for Christmas in the family room. Jackson with his radar ears for the Wii comes out of the bedroom with his mouth wide open. He could not have been more excited that Jameson had a Wii too. So needless to say Mary Poppins and body rest was over and the boys and their Daddies were all about the Wii the rest of the afternoon.
We then opened some presents and decided we would get out of the house and have a fun family adventure at Silver Dollar City. It was so fun but it was crazy cold. We managed to get our yummy skillet bowls for dinner and about freeze eating them outside without gloves. But David got his most favorite skillet bowl. We saw the parade, took the train, and played a round of the "Shoot em up game." Besides a few crabby adults who shall remain nameless the kids had a blast seeing their cousins and being at their most favorite place in the world with them (or is it really Mommy's favorite place in the world?). Either way it was way chilly but Mollie Jane talked about seeing Frosty at the parade at Silver Dollar City for Days after that. She kept asking in her two year old voice "Did Owen see Frosty too Mommy? Does Owen love Frosty?" It was cold but it was fun.

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Natalie K said...

LOVE the new blog back ground!! You can erase the rock you stuff I always do. And on a side note I opened my blog a few days ago and every single slide show was the Beaners?? clearly a malfunction?? I laughed hysterically however!
SDC looked super fun. I can't wait for lots of Brawner/Kilbourne SDC 2009 trips!