Sunday, January 11, 2009

The best babysitter in the world.

We had such an unbelievable time at Blair and Ben's Wedding. They got married on January 10, 2009. It was such a beautiful ceremony at St. Paul's Methodist Church in downtown Springfield. We got there on Saturday and Mollie Jane and I had lunch with all the girls and got ready. Jackson and Jason hung out with all the boys and had lunch and got ready. Anytime, I walked upstairs to check on Jackson and what was going on he was very serious that this was the boys room. It was so cute and he loved hanging with Ben and all his friends. The wedding was at 4:00. Jackson walked down the isle as the ring bearer with a friend of his Channing Turner and Mollie Jane walked down the isle as a flower girl with Channing's sister Hollis. Jackson and Mollie Jane both did so great. They both took their roles so seriously. We were a little worried about Mollie Jane either running down the isle or blurting out random statements as she walked down. But she did neither. She called Blair and herself a princess . She loved being all dressed up and we made a big deal before the wedding about how princess's act. It must have worked. The other big part of Blair's wedding (besides walking down the isle) was the chocolate fountain at the reception. We had been gearing up for that chocolate fountain for days before and "Oh Baby" was it wonderful. We had lots of fun dancing and eating the night away. We were of course the last guests to leave besides the wedding party. We left about the time the chocolate fountain shut down. We were so honored to be a included in her special day.

At the rehersal dinner the night before Mollie Jane got some jewelry and a purse from Ben and Blair and Jackson got a "webkinz" camel complete with a tux outfit whom he proudly named "Ben" the camel. Jackson insisted"Ben" the camel come to the weddin, so he was there. The rehersal dinner at "Millies" was fabulous. Jackson loved seeing the video of Ben and Blair growing up and as he put it "how fat Blair was as a baby." It's a good thing she grew up and lost all her "baby fat" and her "bowl cut" because I can't imagine a fat girl with a "bowl cut" pulling off that stunning wedding dress as beautifully as Blair pulled it off. Mollie Jane kept saying on Saturday "Mommy she is so beutiful." She was.

Blair has been babysitting for my kids since Jackson was one and before Blair came along her sister Kristen babysat for Jackson when he was a tiny baby. We have so many funny Blair and Kristen stories about them babysitting our kids. Blair always babysits for us us while I work which is one or two days a week and then when we need her otherwise. I think we had some really bad timing having a baby in June and our favorite babysitter is leaving. Clearly, we were not thinking. Jackson and Mollie Jane's favorite day of the week is Thursday because it is Mac & Cheese day (for lunch) and when Blair comes. I asked Jackson what he most likes about Blair. His responses: I like Blair when she plays Wii with me, she colors with me, we play games, we wrestle and dance, we get on the computer, she doesn't really make me take body rest anymore, we read books, her phone is cool, we like riding in her car going places, I like Oscar her cat, and we do my homework together. He then asks since Blair is moving to Kansas City if Sherry (Blair's Mom who he adores) could watch him. When you ask Mollie Jane about Blair the first thing that comes out of her mouth is "Ben." Which just about sums it up for Mollie Jane. She loves Blair but Ben is "It" for Mollie Jane. We have been fortunate that often times when Blair comes and watches our kids Ben comes over too. They have been so great to call several times and just take our kids out for the evening. Seriously, what kind of a babysitter does that? I think babysitter's don't do that, just family. That is what Ben and Blair are to Jason and I and our kids, family. We seriously couldn't love them any more. We are so proud of both of them and so excited for them and this new chapter in their life called marriage. Jackson knows she is moving to Kansas City in May but said during the reception can Blair still come on Thursdays even after she moves to Kansas City? Poor guy, he just doesn't get it. Thursdays will be a sad day come May. At least it is still Mac & Cheese day. We are hoping this semester while Blair is in KC on the weekends with Ben in her new apartment and here in Springfield midweek finishing up nursing school that she will come and stay at the "Brawner Hotel."

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