Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As many of you know I am the snack queen and wherever I go I have lots of snacks. I can't really blame it on having kids because long before I had kids I always had a steady supply of snacks with me. Eating is the key to my kids hearts and as long as we have a snack of some sort we can usually get through any Brawner crisis.
My old purse was falling apart so over the weekend I found a great purse on sale that could get me through the next several months until I could use my cute spring purse.

Jackson: Mommy, did you get a new purse? (Jason hates that he always takes note of my new handbags).

Alison: Yes, bud I did get a new purse. Do you like it?

Jackson: But Mommy, how could you buy a purse that doesn't have a pouch for snacks? Mommy, I think that was a bad choice.

Clearly my children spend way too much time with me sometimes because not only are they thinking like me but they talk like me too. When I bought the purse over the weekend, I was really debating not purchasing it because I specifically thought where are all my snacks going to go? Yet, it was such a good buy, I purchased it anyways. Way to be cheap Alison.

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Natalie K said...

We have taken advantage of the Brawner Snack Bag several we are not happy about the new purse either! HAHA