Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jackson's First Basketball Game

Jackson had his first basketball game today and he was all business. Jackson sounded just like his Dad this morning (or me as we are trying to get out the door for school). "Mommy" he says, " we are getting in the car and we need to leave right now because Daddy and I have our basketball game." This was like at 11:35 and his game was at 12:30 and was literally down the street about 5 minutes. So I hurried myself up and we of course got to the game about 11:45. I am not that early anywhere!! He was all about the warm-up and informed me that I was trying to put my stuff and sit down with Mollie Jane on his team's bench. So I had to move across the courts and sit in my proper seat. Jason and I laugh because he has such a serious side to him. He tried so hard and you could just tell he loved being with all his friends and a part of the team. One of his closest friends from last year in preschool, Carson Wade, is on his team. His dribbling has greatly improved since last year. He still appears a little nervous when he gets the ball passed to him. I think he enjoys playing defense the best. Jason has taken on the role of assistant coach (which Jackson loves). During the game, Jackson was running up and down the court looking at me telling me how many points his team had. It was so cute and several times he was so busy trying to tell me what the score was and keeping the score himself that he missed what was going on with his game. Jackson was proud to report "The Wildcats" won! Especially since last year his team did not win a game. We are not really thinking a college scholarship in basketball (although he is the tallest on the team). I don't know if he'll be a Tim Duncan but he sure had some serious NBA facial expressions going on out there today. It was priceless.

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Natalie K said...

We need a team schedule. The Kilbourne cheer team needs to cheer on our favorite bro!