Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day- A family affair this year!

The Brawner's had another family filled Valentines Day weekend. Isn't Valentines Day supposed to be more romantic than family filled? Mollie Jane and Jackson both had Valentines parties at school. Mollie Jane was the first one in her class to "wolf" down her Valentine cookie and then begged for another one. Instead after her craft, we walked down to Jackson's party (they are both in the same building for school this year) and ate some more treats.
Jackson was all about passing out his "Webkins" valentines and Mollie Jane was all about her "Dora" valentines. We had great weather and went to the park to run off our sugar high after the party.
Valentines Day was spent opening up our much awaited Valentines Day gifts. Jackson made Jason and I a picture and wrapped it up (using a whole tube of wrapping paper). The kids both got webkins and much of the day was spent registering our new furry friends online. Jackson had a basketball game and finished up his season undefeated. He really loved it but still says that "the guys are all in his way so he can't ever make a basket." He really is an awesome defense player because he is so tall and gets right in the other players faces but obviously hasn't quite got the whole "shooting the ball" thing down. We then finished up our basketball season with an ice skating party. Luckily Jason got the honors of ice skating and I did took care of the yummy basketball cupcakes and lemonade afterwards.
Then the whole family attended a wedding that night. Once again, I am reminded that I have had many more romantic Valentines Days then basketball games, webkins and a wedding to attend but we sure had fun. One day when these precious guys are big Jason and I can have all the romantic Valentines Dates we want and then we might look back and wish again for a Valentines Day like this one.

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