Monday, February 09, 2009

Let the Monograming begin!

We have officially decided to name this baby boy Smith Allen Brawner. It is official and although I have yet to monogram anything the search is on for anything we could put his name on.

The kids are really getting excited about Smith. Mollie Jane has been so sweet and will just come up randomly and pat on my tummy and kiss it. She will then say, "It's Baby Smith Mommy, he's so little." Jackson is constantly drawing him pictures and thinking of gifts he can bring him in the hospital. Jackson said today that on Baby Smith's first night he wants our whole family to have a sleepover together in our bed with Baby Smith. I thought Oh Boy, he has definitely forgotten what is was like when Mollie Jane was born. I guess Jason and I have too or we probably might not be doing this again. HAHAHA!

We were at Sam's today and we were leaving and I was pushing both kids in the cart in the rain trying to hurry back to the car and not get soaked and Jackson says

Jackson- Mommy sometimes I worry about you.

Me- Really pal, what do you worry about?

Jackson- I just worry that you do so much Mommy and it is very hard on you because you have Baby Smith in your tummy.

Me- Thank you buddy, that is so nice for you to think about taking care of Mommy but Mommy is feeling great. What will I do when you are all grown up and you won't be here to help take care of me?

Jackson- Daddy will do it.

Me- You are so right. Daddy already does an awesome job of that.

He is such a lover and it was one of those sweet moments I hope to remember years from now when I might possibly feel like ringing his neck during his teenage years.


Heather said...

Sweet, sweet boy. You have two great guys to take care of you! :)

Shawna said...


I love it! How sweet!

Christy said...

Al - we miss you! I always laugh out loud at your blog posts. Keep 'em coming. Come visit us soon!