Monday, August 03, 2009

Our San Antonio Sabbatical

We had a lovely sabbatical in San Antonio. My Mom flew up for a long weekend in July and then took Jackson and Mollie Jane back to San Antonio for a week. Jackson did a camp called "Mighty Muscles." For a week he did swim, golf, tennis and even did some rock climbing. He was very tan after being out in the 104 degree Texas heat but he had tons of fun. He said his best friend was Jorge. We asked him if Jorgee spoke English and he said "a little but he mainly spoke Spanish." So I am not sure if they talked a lot or how their relationship bloomed with the language factor but Jackson loved it and talked about his new best friend all week.
Mollie Jane got to spend some much needed one-on-one time with my Mom. They went out to lunch, swam, fed the ducks, rode on the golf cart and played, played, played. My Mom saved so many of our childhood toys and Mollie Jane loved playing with "My Little Ponies," fisher price people, crafts, books the play kitchen and her favorite "The Woodsies." My brother in law Joel was somewhat concerned over the fact that his niece and nephew were playing with "the Woodsies." He had never heard of them so Melissa and I educated him that they evolved from a book and are little sqeaky stuffed animal squirrels with stuffed log houses. The more my sister and I thought about it the more random we agreed "The Woodsies" were but they were one of our favorite toys growing and up and they were my kids favorite this trip. Smith and I joined the kids after about a week and we stayed for another relaxing warm week. I caught up on some much needed sleep, ran, swam, shopped and had lots of fun lunches and dinners out with my family. My dearest friend, and college roomate drove down for the day with her husband and their two kids. It was fun swimming and catching up and letting her get to meet Smith. Every time I am with her it makes me wish I lived in Texas and we could all hang out more often.
The best part of the week was when my sister Melissa came in with my sweet niece Harper. We were all there to celebrate my Dad's birthday. It was great and the reality of life hit hard when I flew back into Tulsa with all three kids feeling very far away from my family once again. The are all three great travelers and it was nice to be back home with Daddy so I can't complain too much. However, I wish San Antonio was closer and we could go back much more often.


Penelope said...

ummm...that roommate wasn't me! :( I thought I was the only one...

Heather said...

What fun, so glad you had such a great trip. We would miss you though if you stayed in Texas! :) Hope Mollie Jane's Bday went well too. Love you!