Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smith is offically two months.

With each of the babies, I always take their "month" pictures with this bear. This is Big Smith's two month bear pictue.

We took Smith into his Doctor's appointment for our almost 8 week check up and shots. "Big Smith" is weighing in at 13 pounds, 8 ounces and is pretty close to being off the charts for his height and weight percentiles.
He has been sleeping through the night starting about five weeks and will sleep anywhere from 7-12 hours. He still wakes up at various times but has started going down between about 9-10 pm and usually sleeps about 9 hours. As we have forgotten once again, every day with a newborn is a new day.
He is just really starting to smile and talk. He absolutely hates riding in the car or in his car seat. As we drive down the road with Smith screaming like a madman, I continue to tell myself I can laugh or cry about this. Right now, I am choosing to laugh and keep asking myself why does he hate the car? The minute you get him out of his car seat he is fine. Thank goodness we live right in the middle of Springfield and just about every where we go takes about 10 minutes of drive time. It has definitely made running errands and shopping near impossible. I just figure it is God's way to continue to help me stay on a "tight budget" and not have to work a ton right now.
He is getting big so fast and Jason and I feel "jipped" once again that we had this baby and he has sailed right through the newborn stage (and truly was never a newborn in size) because he is such a big boy. He came into the world wearing 3 and 6month clothing and now is in 6 month to 12 month clothing.
Life is sure lovely with more sleep though!
We lovingly refer to this face as the "Yoda face." He just randomly does it at times and we think it is halarious. We finally caught it for the camera.

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