Friday, August 21, 2009

Jackson's first day of first grade

Jackson was so excited to start first grade. Jason and I couldn't be happier with our long prayed for and thought out decision to send him to a private Christian school. He has an amazing teacher named Mr. Beckman who has been teaching for around 25 years. He is very nurturing, and creative but very strict. He is going to be so good for Jackson with Jackson's "all business" type attitude. The only disappointment on the first day was that Jackson was not going to be able to sharpen his crayons in the back of his crayon box because Mr. Beckman said they make a big mess.
Jackson did not really know anyone going to the school and did not attend kindergarten there with most of the other kids in his class. However, he fit right in. Mr. Beckman reported on the first day that it was like Jackson has been there all along.
Jackson was so excited to take his new school supplies and eat lunch at school. The biggest thrill was his new thermos which he requested milk in.
He is getting into a routine with school and after several days is still loving it. He braved up and insisted on buying lunch the third day of school. Jason and I were super hesitant because the menu that day was a "riblet." What the heck is a "riblet" anyways? Jackson described it as a yellow and black type of meat and says we should buy some for our house. I think I will just make sure he buys every "riblet" day and pass on buying some for our house. Jackson was also sent out into the hall for talking on the second day of school. He conveniently told me that over the weekend (two days later). He said several people were sent out in the hall because Mr. Beckman has "certain rules like you can't talk when he is talking." I have no idea where he got the problem of talking while others are talking????
Jason and I were thrilled that happened and even more thrilled that Jackson didn't seem upset by it. He would never have been put in the hall for talking while the teacher was talking at a public school. We feel this school will hold him to a higher standard and that was one reason we wanted to send him there.
He also, on the third day of school, had to run a lap and miss part of first recess because he did not do his homework. He said there was a whole line of first graders on the fence. I felt like a horrible Mom at first and thought that I must have missed the note on homework and what it was. The teacher told me the next day that he doesn't send notes that he tells the students the homework and it is up to them to be "responsible students" and remember themselves to do it. You better believe the next day Jackson remembered to cut out three pictures from a magazine. Once again, Jason and I were thrilled that they are very big on teaching him responsibility. How helpful that trait will be to him in the long run. All I do is ask him what his homework is and he comes right home and "gets to it."
This week he is the class helper. His biggest job is going to the kitchen and getting all the snack milks for his class. He says he gets 2 white milks and 17 chocolate milks. I asked him (of course guessing that he gets the white milk) if he might ever get chocolate. He said "no because it wasn't good for his body." He is my anal first born and I do have to be so careful because if you say something once he remembers and it is like "set in stone" for "Mr. Business."
What a great first day and first week. I can't wait to see what fun memories this year will bring. Mollie Jane is loving getting the one on one attention at home and Smith is loving not being hauled around in the car as we are really trying to stay home more and not driving around to all of Jackson's summer activities. We sure miss Jackson but there is such a peace knowing "Mr. Business" is loving first grade and thinks Mr. Beckman is "it."

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