Friday, September 04, 2009

What a week

What a week we have had. I feel like all my kids have suddenly grown this week.

Jackson is now riding his bike up and down our street by himself. He has been riding his bike for a year without training wheels but usually just in our long driveway or in the street with us out there with him. He also has decided he was old enough to start mowing this week. Jason started to mow and Jackson said he wanted to do it. He ended up mowing the whole front yard. As you can see from the pictures he had some trouble pushing the mower but it didn't stop him from mowing the whole front yard all by himself.
Jackson still continues to love school. He told me today that one of his friends told him that Mr. Beckman was 99. Jackson said "I think he is in the 50's though Mom. I think when people are 99 they can't walk very well and Mr. Beckman can play kickball." I think Jaskson's classmate couldn't fool Jackson but no telling how many other kids in the class think Mr. Beckman is 99.
I picked him up the other day and as he is getting into the car he started yelling to say goodbye to his teacher. Mr Beckman was busy with the other students and didn't see Jackson. Jackson proceeded to yell louder and goes to the back of the car so Mr Beckman could see him. Finally, Mr Beckman waved back and told Jackson he would see him tomorrow. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the biggest smile on my son's face. It was priceless. He thinks Mr. Beckman is it. I am so glad Mr. Beckman is such a wonderful Christian teacher because he has such an impact on Jackson.

Mollie Jane started ballet this week and loves it. She is taking a traditional ballet class. We think she has plenty of rowdiness sandwiched between two boys so Jason and I thought classic ballet might help with the grace and poise factor. She is all excited to wear her "ballets" as she call her black leotard. She looks so big in her little outfit. She has two girls in her class and she call them her "ballet friends." It is a christian ballet studio about 5 blocks away from our house. It is so fun for Mollie Jane to finally have something of her own. She has been dragged to all of her big brothers events for the last three years. Thanks Mom and Dad, Sissy loves it.

Our Big Smith has been sleeping like crazy. I feel like all he does is sleep these days and I just figured out his secret. I went in to wake him the other day to feed him and I caught our little chub sucking his thumb. I thought all along he would be a thumbsucker as he always slept with his fists right by his face and is constantly sucking his fist. So for right now we love our thumbsucker. Maybe if he is 6 and still sucking his thumb we may not like it so much but for right now it is peaceful 12 hour night slumber for the Brawner house. Bless those thumbsuckers! God knew this Mommy needed another one.

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