Sunday, September 20, 2009

The buzz over the Tooth Fairy

Jackson lost his first tooth. It all started when he came home from school one day and literally ate nothing out of his lunch box.
Me- "Buddy, why didn't you eat your lunch?"
Jackson-"I was really busy at lunch today"
Me- "What were you busy with?"
Jackson- "I was busy wiggling my tooth and didn't have time to eat."
The wiggling worked because the next day at a birthday party it fell out. Apparently, there was a lot of blood and it sounded like a major ordeal that the tooth came out at this swimming birthday party. Jackson was so excited. The big deal was then the tooth fairy. He was telling me that one kid in his class got five dollars. I am thinking to myself dollars? I am major old school or just grew up with a frugle tooth fairy because my tooth fairy just left coins. Thankfully my sister was here to bail me out financially as I often don't have a lot of cash. So Jackson got out his tooth fairy pillow, and hung it on his bedpost. The next morning he was thrilled and hauled around his two dollar bills for days. We have had lots of tooth fairy questions and statements the last several days. Here are a few.
"Mom, does Santa know what the tooth fairy looks like."
Jackson to Mollie Jane "Sissy, no one knows what the tooth fairy looks like because she only comes at night."
At his Luthern school he is learning the concept of the trinity so the other day when I was telling him that Jesus knows how he treats his sister even when no one is looking, he reminded me that "Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, the tooth fairy and Santa all know what he is doing."
"I bet I might get to meet the tooth fairy in heaven. Are spiders in heaven?"
He just cracks me up. We had a brief discussion of heaven and then it was determined that GeGe and Brutus have probably both met the tooth fairy.

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