Friday, October 09, 2009

Boy Do I need Help!

We have gone 5 weekends and 4 weeks with Jason gone. We are pumped for his return. I have decided that I need help. I don't know what I would have done without help from so many precious family and friends these past several weeks. Our dear friends the Frechs have been awesome to help me out with the kids several times and offering support. Jason's sweet sister Jill has a ton on her plate, a new baby due in November, a million people to see while she was in town, the cutest truckload (literally) of precious gifts to pack up, moving stress, etc... and she came down for a day to help me out. Then there are my parents, where do I start. My Mom came down to help me out for a week. They have so much going on these next several weeks (of course my Mom down plays all they have going on). Mom cleaned and carted the kids around and cooked some great meals. It was a big treat for this busy Mom and kids to go out to some fun dinners and lunches. I was so grateful that I was able to work many days while she was here. We were so sad to see her leave but understood she had to go. The day after she got home she had a huge party at her house. Then a week after that she and my Dad left to go on their "retirement trip of a lifetime" to Africa for 3 weeks. I am sure her life would have been way less stressful if she would have just stayed home and got herself ready. But in my Mom and Dad's typical servant fashion, they helped me out. My precious sister flew in from Washington DC with my sweet 7 month old niece to also help. She and my Mom's flights overlapped so we all got to have lunch together. My sister was left with four children way too many times to count while I worked. She handled the chaos like a pro. She also cleaned up a storm and hauled a literal truckload of brush out of my backyard. We almost had to figure out how to work the lawnmower but thankfully awesome Troy & Devon from our church came and mowed. My Dad said when he heard our "backyard overhaul" that he was sure that the "Glass women had never worked that hard." He might have been right. My sister did some serious manual labor. Jackson had so much fun as my sister and Mom both brought McDonald's lunch up to school on different days. They both got to see his school and meet the famous "Mr. Beckman." I was very said to see my sister go. I felt that our roles were reversed while she was here and she was "my big sister" bailing me out and giving me some much needed morale support. Our sweet neighbors, Paul and Cindy Teas, watched the kids for me so I could go work and then have taken Jackson to school several days for me. What a blessing they are and how lucky we are that they so genuinely love my kids. "Aunt Nat" and "Aunt Shawna" as my kids affectionately call them have been so gracious to call and keep me sane and grounded. They also watched the kids so I could work. The sweet Flannery family treated us all to a fun crazy night at Chuck E Cheese. My dear friend Emily who has four children (a set of 7 month twins) is hounding me, trying to help us out. Seriously, she is so busy and I am touched that she actually is trying to make time to help us out. My sweet friend Melissa is also hounding me and has a more than full plate as well but seemed determined also to help out our crazy family.
All that to say.... I think we have officially made it. We have had a few bumps along the way these last four and a half weeks. I am overwhelmed with the support system of family and friends that we have.
I have to remind myself the main purpose of blogging is so that my children someday have an account of our crazy but fun life we lead. So I guess, I want them to know how grateful I am for those individuals who love and support us. It is my prayer that we continue to spend time with these amazing friends and family members and that their "servant-like" attitudes will rub off on my children. It is my goal as a mom that my children learn what it is like to serve others and to learn gratefulness when they have been served. I have truly been served these past several weeks and I am soooo grateful.

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