Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jackson's first offical gradecard and conference

Jackson's first official grade card and he got all A's. It is only first grade so we are not too overly proud but he loves it and is doing great. It was just so funny to sit at his conference and hear Mr. Beckman's remarks on Jackson.
-Mr. Beckman has never seen a male first grader with penmanship as meticulous and precise as Jackson. This is so funny because Jason's handwriting is literally illegible and mine is not too much better.
-Jackson is very mild mannered.
-Jackson is very serious and all business.
-Jackson is slow at his work (but thankfully not a problem slow) and wants to take his time to get it all done "right" as Jackson says.
-Jackson is also clueless and sometimes daydreams and if he gets his name on the "sad face" list on the board he never knows why.
-Jackson has been on the "sad face" list a few times but not for behavior reasons only because he didn't pay attention enough to complete every workbook page which was either verbally said or written on the board.
-He has lots of friends.
-Mr Beckman says he can tell Jackson gets upset and frustrated if Mr. Beckman leaves the room and the kids get rowdy and start breaking the rules.

Mr. Beckman really know our first born. Jason and I just laugh at this all business serious side of Jackson. Many traits he gets from Jason and I but many traits we are like where in the world did that come from??

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