Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

I went up to eat lunch with Jackson at school and then we did pumpkin carving with his class. I brought Jackson "Wendy's" for lunch and you would have thought he was the new "rock star" of his class. Jackson thought he was way cool and all his friends wanted to see his lunch (as if they had never eaten at Wendy's before). I then helped Mr. Beckman get all the supplies ready and set up the pumpkins. Jackson says "Mommy, you are kind of going to help Mr. Beckman be the teacher today aren't you." He just cracks me up and I am loving that he is so into me being at his school because I don't think that will be the case in ten years or so. I am eating it up now. I told Jackson when I was done that I would come outside and watch him at recess. You could tell he was so excited about that and then he paused for a minute and said "Mommy since you used to be a kindergarten teacher you can stand with all the teachers at recess." I suffered through the cold recess and it brought back some unpleasant memories of years of cold recess duty. Thankfully Mr. Beckman blew the whistle and we all filed in (with Mollie Jane at the end of the line trying to act like the other kids) to carve the pumpkins. I really despise carving pumpkins and have always called the stuff inside the pumpkin "buggers." So I was thrilled my kids got to do it this year but we didn't have to do it in our kitchen. Mollie Jane, Smith and I all attended. It was a little crazy with the other ones up there. Mollie Jane fit right in and acted like she was in first grade. Smith just hung out in the Bijourn and kicked on a blanket in the corner of the room (my sweet poor third child). The kids in his class were so funny. Jackson, Mollie Jane and his partner carved their pumpkin and made it look like a vampire. Jackson handling the carving knife made me a little nervous and I probably took over a few too many times. Our vampire pumpkin turned out cute and it was a fun day.

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