Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mollie Jane's ballet

Mollie Jane has been in ballet since September and adores it. She is all about her ballet bag, her bun, and her leotards and ballet skirt. We had two observation weeks so Jackson, Smith and I observed. It is so precious. They circle up and start with a prayer. They play pieces from all the classical ballets. Mollie Jane walks around on the dance floor pointing her toes, leaping, holding her neck up like she has a heavy necklace on, stretching her arms, galloping with her partner, standing on her toes holding the bar, and of course her famous first position.
A couple of weeks ago I rented a "Muppets Show" VHS at the library. My kids love the Muppets and it reminds Jason and I of our childhood when we would watch the show on TV and it was such a huge deal when it came on. It was randomly a Muppet Show where Rudolf Nureyev, a famous Russian male ballet dancer hosts the show. Both kids were so funny but they kept asking over and over again, "Mommy why do boys do ballet?" Oh Dear! I tried to explain why boys do ballet the best I could although I was not real sure myself. So when we were at dance Jackson leans over and says "Mommy I think only about 18 boys in the world do ballet." Then he says "I am not one of them Mommy." Then Jackson leans over again and says "I don't think Sissy really knows what she is doing." I had to laugh. Mollie Jane has the biggest smile on her face the whole class but is the only three year old and the other girls are five or almost five. Our big girl is really the same height or taller than the other girls but I did notice the teacher calling her name out a lot. The good news is Mollie Jane is having a blast and doesn't know she's clueless.

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