Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween

Jackson was a shark eating a man, Mollie Jane was a mermaid and Smith was a lobster. As they are getting older they each have their own ideas but this year it just worked that we all fit into the same "ocean theme" and I loved it. We definitely got to wear our costumes multiple times this year. We went to a party at the club, school parties, a neighborhood parade, and had a blast trick or treating in the neighborhood. The weather was gorgeous and Halloween seemed extra fun this year since it feel on a Saturday. Big and SueSue even came up and trick or treated and had chicken stew with us. The kids are such great ages and they were just so excited. Jackson was of course "all business" when it came to passing out candy at our door to the trick or treaters. Mollie Jane was all about her own candy bag and how full it was getting. Smith was enamored with all the people and lights and action. His eyes were wide open the whole night. When I asked them their favorite part of Halloween this year, they both said "candy time." Our new fun "candy time" tradition is when our porch light goes out and all the candy we are giving out and have received get dumped into one gigantic bowl and it is a free for all. Jackson (typical first born) takes one piece at a time and shows them all to me and after about three or four pieces asks me if he can still have another piece. Mollie Jane does no asking, just grabbing and as much candy as she can in her tiny hands, opening it as fast as she can and gobbles it up. This goes on about 5-10 minutes and it happened periodically until a few days after Halloween when I started feeling gross. I took it all to my office to pass out to my kid clients. The kids and Mommy were both a little sad to see it go but we are looking forward to "candy time" again next year.

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