Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

What a great Thanksgiving break we had. The highlights were:
-Jackson getting a week off of school.
-Mom and Dad coming for the week.
-Taking Mom and Dad to Camp Barnabas to see our new summer home.
-A lovely meal at the "Monet Family Restaurant" coming home from Purdy Missouri. It was quite the crowd and we all ordered the $3.99 Chicken Fried Steak Dinner.
-Going to Fuji's our favorite Japanese restaurant
-Getting up early Thanksgiving morning with Dad and Jason to run in the Turkey Trot (and yes I ran the whole way but got left at about mile 2 by my husband and his friend).
-Jackson all week planned out a Wii tournament and even made a sheet with brackets.
-After the Wii tournament was over Jackson made everyone medals.
-My Dad winning the Wii tournament- seriously who knew Pops even played video games?
-Getting all the Christmas decorations out of the attic and then up in the house.
-My Mom taking Mollie Jane to get a haircut. I think she thinks by cutting it she will have thick beautiful hair and unfortunately Mollie Jane got my hair and I got my Mom's hair. It is a treat for my Mom to take Mollie Jane to get her hair cut. She loves it. However, I think Mollie Jane's hair is genetic. Poor child
-Mollie Jane had a Thanksgiving party at her school and loved that Jackson got to come and do a craft with her.
-Mom helping me clean house, do laundry, take care of the animals and run errands. She is such a help to me.
-Jason and I getting to take a much needed date movie night.
-A fabulous meal at my cousin Julie and her husband Tim who live here in Springfield.
They are so incredibly gracious and good to Jason and I and the kids. Her high school son Camp and her Jr High daughter Claire love my kids. My kids think they hung the moon.
-What a year we have to be thankful for. Many ups and downs but a God who has brought us through and reminded us that he has such a plan for our family (even though sometimes we can't quite see it).

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