Thursday, November 05, 2009

Another Adventure

We are happy to announce the Brawners are up for a new adventure. Is anyone really surprised? I doubt my kids are. After much prayerful consideration, many late night conversations and just an overall feeling of peace Jason decided to take a new position as Director of Camp Barnabus in Purdy Missouri. That's right this Texan is moving to Purdy Missouri but only from mid May to early August.
It is a Kanakuk for kids with all different types of special needs. We are very excited and both Jason and I felt a clear calling that this is where God wants us to be. I have worked with children for so many years and some of the greatest kids I have ever met are those who have sibling with special needs. I think God gives those children compassion, understanding and perspective that is way beyond their years. I pray that my children develop these traits and that God will help them to use these traits for his glory in their life. I feel that our family has an opportunity that so few people never get or can only imagine. I know we were hand picked to do this job. While Jason was doing officer school for the Army this September we decided that Jason's current job as a contractor was not meeting our families needs. He loved it but with a crazy economy and his job seemed to be going in a slow continual negative financial direction. We both agreed for him to look elsewhere. Paul and Cindy Teas the owners of the Camp offered to help me out while Jason was gone. They adore our kids and have such spirits of servant hood. Cindy began to tell me of the unusual circumstances of their old director resigning and they were looking for someone else. I thought it was strange timing for Cindy and I to have that conversation since the night before Jason and I on the phone committed to actively look for something else for him. Jason called Paul Teas the next day while still in South Carolina and talked with him. When he came back in October, he met with them and here we are. God sure surprised us but I know He sees our needs much clearer that we can see them. We prayed that God would help us and directly take our family out of this declining economy and bless Jason with a job that would provide for our family. God answered our prayer. I feel very clearly He told us that he is not going to give us the exact financial blessing we desire but instead will emotionally bless us beyond our wildest dreams. So begins this amazing adventure to becoming directors at Camp Barnabus. While I am not employed by Barnabus, I will be very involved and just keeping us with my three kids as we live there this summer will be lots of fun. We are praying that Jason can continue building (during the year cauz our summers are now full) because he so enjoys it and when it is successfull it can be a big financial blessing. I have said this many times, I don't feel that I have this enormous blog following (unlike some of you) so my point for this blog is for my kids. Hopefully, they will know that their Mom and Dad sure don't have all the answers. But instead that we listen and answer to a God that does. Just as we accepted this new position, we are not sure what God's answer is for us with our current financial situation or how God is going to heal us from some of the craziness of the last several years. Yet, we hear his voice. He is telling us that He is in control and wants to bless us in a way we weren't necessarily thinking but also could never imagine. What is important is to listen to God when he is calling even if you are unsure of the outcome. Sometimes I think God puts a verse in the Bible just for me and so it is with this verse. Jer 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." So once again I say, Lord, let the adventure begin.


Heather said...

Hey friend! We are soooo excited for you and your sweet family. We know God is going to do big things through you and what an experience this will be for your kiddos also. Thanks for sharing your heart, I miss you. love you guys so much!

Dori said...

You might not remember me but Jason may. I worked at Dr. Shaffer's office in Branson when Jason was in high school and then at Today's Family when Jim and Suz worked there. I'm excited about this new venture for you! We have a special needs son as well as two other children, one being his twin! It is a blessing to have such a sweet special little boy but that doesn't make it easy! I do see his sisters being kind and caring and empathetic toward others with different abilities. They are all 3 a blessing!