Monday, November 16, 2009

Jackson's Cub Scout Hero Report

Jackson is loving Cub Scouts. We have had to miss a lot due to Jason's crazy schedule. Yet, we are determined to fulfill the requirements and do it even if it means me doing it with him along with the other two. Last meeting I took all the kids and Mollie Jane and Smith both did good but it definitely got akward when I had to breastfeed at the meeting. I went into another room with the door open so I could hear what was going on. Jackson kept coming in there to tell me things and then his little friends would follow him. Thank God for the hooter hider and that none of the little boys asked what was going on. After that I decided Jason really needs to take him to the meetings so there won't be a badge earned for watching Jackson's Mom breastfeed.
This week Jackson had to do a talk on a hero. He has to get up and talk about his hero. He choose Jason. He wrote his report all by himself with 11 points. I love the invented spelling. He was the only one that really wrote down what he was going to say in a report form. He was very proud of his Dad and even took some props in to talk about his Dad. Priceless.
1. My Dad is in the Army.
2. My Dad is so grate.
3. He was a pilot.
4. My Dad is strong.
5. He duzent get scard varee much. So he is brave.
6. He ckeps his bodee helthy.
7. My Dad loves Jesus.
8.He is a wrckr and he bilds houses.
9. He works at camp brnbuves.
10. He was a good swimr at Drury.
11. He is my Herow.
As he was constructing it here were some funny thoughts
Jackson-"My Dad loves Jesus because he wants to go to heaven and not Hell. It is super hot in Hell"
I didn't think that the cub scouts needed to get into theology so I encouraged him to just stop at My Dad loves Jesus.
Jackson- My Dad keeps his body healthy by eating brocolli.

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