Monday, December 14, 2009

Date Weekend

Just the three of us for a Date weekend. Who would have thought the third would have made it so fun?

Jason and I went to a Military Ball in Lake of the Ozarks. Since I am still nursing Smith the big boy went with us and Mollie Jane and Jackson had a great time with Jason's parents. So it was just the three of us all day Saturday and Sunday. It brought back memories of what an easy life I had with one child. I felt like I got some great one on one time with Big Smith. He was a great baby and his schedule cooperated perfectly with our needs. He slept while we went to the dinner and ceremony. We unfortunately didn't get to stay for the dancing part of the evening but I think we have many more years to attend again. We are so glad Jason is in the Army. It is definitely a great challenge for our family at times but we are so grateful that he has chosen to serve.

A few hours of just the two of us. Great meal, ceremony and just hanging with J.

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