Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jackson's Christmas Program

Jackson with his serious attitude finishing his performance. Check out the fourth graders right behind him. Our sweet tall boy!

Jackson had a Christmas program at school. He was so excited about it. We got a CD from his music teacher at school in October. He has been religiously listening to that CD practicing his music (of course our all business, anal first born). Even Mollie Jane knew all the songs for his program because she practiced them with him since he played his CD nonstop. So needless to say, we were so thankful when the program rolled around to not have to listen to the Christmas program CD anymore.
We have been so happy with his school and the positive Christian influence that Mr Beckman has been for Jackson. Jackson was an angel and wore my old angel costume that my grandma made me (thank goodness my awesome Mom saved it and that was one less thing on my December to do list to whip up an angel costume in my spare time). He looked so cute and of course took his role very serious. Jason and I laughed when we sat down to watch him because he was in the very back row. The program was grades 1-4 and he was standing with the fourth graders. Poor kid, he is so crazy tall but at least his Dad can relate. We had cookies and punch in his classroom afterwards and a great evening. Jackson was so proud.

What a blessing Mr. Beckman has been to me this year. With such a crazy year, I have such a peace and comfort about Jackson's environment. I am so grateful for such a remarkably talented man who has such a profound influence on Jackson. In Jackson's eyes whatever Mr Beckman says is "the law." He always comes home saying funny things he says. He is "awesome" as Jackson would say.