Monday, December 28, 2009

It's still Christmas Time in Texas

We had such a great time in Texas. It is my vacation every time we go there. My kids love spending time with my Mom and Dad because my parents just love to play with my kids. Jackson and Mollie Jane loved sleeping in the two twin beds in the downstairs. They used to always sleep in separate room but there are too many kids now. It is so fun with two babies. Thank goodness my Mom has collected every baby apparatus and toy known to man. My kids love all the toys at Mammy's and love that several of them used to be "Mommy's and Aunt Buzzy's" toys.
We got to open presents that Santa left in San Antonio on the 28th after our crazy twelve hour drive to Texas on the 27th. Mom then cooked a great leftover Christmas dinner meal and we had the yummy Christmas dinner again. Super fun and a very restful visit for me.

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