Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day: The Best Day of the Year!

Merry Christmas to our Christmas Baby! Time to get up and open presents

We slept in (which I am so grateful to have children that will sleep in especially since we were up half the night) and woke up to the yummiest breakfast which I look forward to all year. The kids love sorting all the gifts from under the tree into piles and telling everyone where they sit.
Jackson's gifts this year were Wii Resorts, Wii Clone Wars, Nerf dart guns,
Mollie Jane's gifts were Dora Wii, a play market, pajamas,
Smith's gifts were a rocking horse, ball toys, baby toys.
Jason gifts were some much needed clothes
My gifts included an alarm clock, and a bathrobe.
One of my favorite things about Christmas day is after all the fun gift opening is done the best part of the day still awaits us and that is the best meal of the year.
Our yummy menu this year consisted of J's turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies, rolls, mashed potatoes & gravy, and pumpkin dessert. It was divine and we were lucky to have leftovers.
This year Jason's parents, sister Jill, Baby Vivian, and her husband David came.
It was really such a fabulous day and the kids loved being at home with all their presents and visitors.

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