Friday, December 18, 2009

Mollie Jane's Program & Christmas Party

Our proud Sissy Girl as she is about to perform on the back row!

Mollie Jane had a Christmas program the night after Jackson's. My sweet "Sissy girl" just seems so big. Jackson had a cub scout ceremony so he and Jason just came for the punch and cookies. However, Mollie Jane didn't have a clue that they weren't there for her big performance. My favorite was her huge smile and big wave when she saw me in the pew walking in to sing. She sang "Joy to the World." She practiced for about a month. She knew her brother had a program so she took her song very seriously also. She wanted a CD to practice and of course her school didn't sent home a CD to practice. I just tried to make a big deal when "Joy to the World" came on the radio and I played it over and over on the computer for her so she could feel that she was practicing like her brother. She (just like her brother) was wedged in the back row with all the four and five year olds. Why are my children so freakishly tall? My sweet friend who has a daughter in another class texted me in the performance joking and said that my "amazon child was blocking her child." I also couldn't see Mollie Jane at all because she was so far in the back. I wish I could have seen her little face as she was singing. I am sure she was expressive. She said when the performance was over that the guys didn't give her room to sing. I guess she is learning the joys of being too tall pretty early.
About a week later was Mollie Jane's Christmas Party at school. Mollie Jane loves school and her friends. We still adore Caden. He is such a sweet boy. His Mom is a teacher at Mollie Jane's school and has done such a great job of instilling such a sweet spirit in that boy. I pray as Mollie Jane grows up she will always have a special spot in her heart for Caden. We were so glad that our old babysitter Blair Lowery Woods (since Jackson was a baby) was in town and got to come. She was so great and brought gifts up to my kids. She brought Mollie Jane a "Fancy Nancy" book and she is hooked. Thanks to Blair we are all about Fancy Nancy and Mollie Jane insists many nights on hugging the book and going to sleep. Jackson was so excited to get a webkinz and a bakugauns. She got to spend a couple of days with us and we miss her so much.
Our Sweet Blair

Our Best Bud Caden!

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