Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus It's Christmas Eve

What a fabulous Christmas Eve. We started the day off at Bass Pro trying to get our picture with Santa. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We had tried weeks before and the wait was too long. It was quite a line and an ordeal to see Santa but we did it. There was a little Christmas train there the kids rode and poor Smith ate his breakfast waiting in line to see Santa.
We went to church for a great service.
We then came home and had our "Birthday Party for Jesus." Jackson and Mollie Jane were so excited. A tradition in our home is that we hide "Baby Jesus" every year when we get out our Christmas decorations. We hide him because he wasn't born until Christmas Eve. Jackson gives clues to Jason and he gets "Baby Jesus out of hiding" and he goes on our cake. We ate cake and got the cookies and milk out for Santa.
Jackson was so cute and made a sign for Santa telling Santa where to sit. We opened presents from the kids to each other. Jackson got a "webkinz carrier" and some Webkinz clothes. Smith got a "Build A Bear" which is just like his older siblings monkeys. Jackson has a "George" monkey. Mollie Jane has a "Georgie" monkey. So they wanted to get Smith a monkey also and they name it "Jorge." Mollie Jane got some Dora items and a ballet book and necklace.
The kids were so excited to go to sleep and they had been tracking Santa on the internet. Jason and I of course were up crazy late. Every year I say I am going to get stuff done early next year and every year we're up crazy late. I really wish I could "bottle up" their excitement and sweet sayings.

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