Saturday, October 17, 2009

Smith is four months old

Our big sweet boy is four months old. What a month it has been.
Here are the highlights.
-We started cereal at night. He eats cereal but in between bites he insists on sucking his thumb. He makes a huge mess doing it.
-He is still a great sleeper. He is a tummy sleeper and has learned to flip over and his back and gets extremely ticked when he does this. There was a week or so where this was really a problem in the middle of the night but he is back to his "good sleeping self."
-He loves his bath and the kids now refer to bath time for Smith as "kick mania" as he wildly kicks his feet and slaps his hands around and splashes water everywhere.
-He is sitting in the mega saucer and has good trunk control. He is starting to grab at the toys.
-He is grabbing with his hands and the other day flung my side salad across Wendy's.
-He drools constantly (we call him Brutus).
-He is wearing 6-12 month clothing and it fits him in length great but he is our "skinny guy."
-He is a babbler and does some crazy talking.
-He usually goes down between 8-10 pm and wakes up between 8-10am. Whenever he gets up he is usually up about 2 hours or so and then goes back down for a nap and sleeps 3 hours or so. He really kind of does this all day until it is time for bed.
-He is still not a big fan of the car but getting much better now that he sucks his thumb and can play with some toys. My Mom is convinced that he hates his car seat because he has big "balls." (If you weren't aware he has hydroseal??? or something along that medical term where he has a little extra fluid in that area) It is supposedly not harmful but we are just watching it. Poor guy.
-The highlight of this month was getting to meet the "original Smith" A dear friend of ours father is named Smith and he is such a remarkable godly man. He was so honored that we named our big man "Smith" and we were touched that they came up for a visit.

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