Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Mohawks

Our Daddy had to leave to go to "Army Camp" as Mollie Jane affectionately calls it.
Before he left he had to shave his head (literally bald). I felt for a moment like we were dating again and he was at Drury getting ready for a big swim meet (except he is quite a bit chubbier). Our dear friends the Frechs invited us over for pizza and a head shaving party. We decided that before the final shave we would do a lovely mohawk. We have laughed that since Smith was born he has a mohawk or a "comb over" too. So we had some special bonding with Daddy and Baby Smith as they both enjoyed their mohawks.
Jason will be gone for 5 weekends and four weeks. It really stinks. We are praying it goes by fast. I know this will be nothing compared to what the future holds for Jason in the army. People say often "this will be good for you guys to get used to what it will be like if he ever gets deployed." I guess that is right on some level. I still think no matter how much he is gone with the army we will never ever get used to it or okay with him gone. So in a weird way I guess I hope it always stinks every time he is gone!

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