Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now we know how Tiger Woods feels!

Jackson is crazy excited because we recently found out he is the boys 9 & under Jr Golf club champion at our club. I am excited because I think there are some big bonuses to be reaped from winning golf tournaments. He got a box of monogram ed golf balls, a pair of golf shoes, a trophy, his name in the newsletter, and a $50 credit in the pro shop. Seriously, all this for winning a kids tournament. He has been the youngest in the program for the last three years. He started playing with my parents when he was three and then when he was four we signed him up for Jr. Golf. This is the third summer he has participated in the program. The funny thing is that we have never really told the club his age. You have to be seven to do Jr Golf program. We haven't lied about his age. We just tell the club "he is younger than seven." He is our big tall boy so even at age four he looked like he was seven. Next year he will finally be the same age as the other kids in the Jr. Golf program. Jackson has a very funny serous, business like attitude towards life. Jason and I feel that trait is working well for him as a golfer. (Maybe that is my problem with golf. I ask him all the time when I will be able to beat him. He can seriously beat me and occasionally his Dad on some holes. I picked up golf two years ago and love it. I am terrible but have so much fun playing it. Unlike Jackson, I can actually hit the ball pretty far. I just hit it all over the place, whiff constantly, have a shabby looking stroke and am very inconsistent with my shots. Jackson does not hit the ball real hard but he is very consistent and has a beautiful stroke. I won't even try to evaluate Jason's golf game (Oh My!). He is probably somewhere in between Jackson and I. However, he has done an amazing, patient job of teaching Jackson how to play golf. So the morale of this blog post is that Tiger Wood's started golfing at age three and is a big winner. Our recent earnings aren't comparable to Tiger but a college scholarship would do just fine. I always said in high school and college that if I had to pick a sport where all the cute boys were I would choose golf. How did I marry a swimmer? Sorry, dear. I guess I got the best of both worlds. I married a super cute swimmer but maybe there could still be a cute golfer in my future.

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