Monday, August 10, 2009

Sissy is Three!

Molllie Jane at her three year old Dora Party

Molli Jane's 2 year old Elmo Birthday Party.

Mollie Jane's one year old Princess Party

Me and my bubby at my one year old party. Where is my hair?

Mollie Jane as a newborn.

Me and Mommy on August 4 2006

I can't believe our sweet girl is three. I keep thinking it was just yesterday when she was Smith's age. I feel like two to three is such a milestone year. This year we dropped the bottle (yes I gave her ice water in a bottle when she went to bed last fall), got out of her crib into a big girl bunk bed, totally potty trained, and is talking up a storm (have no idea where she learned how to do that). I feel like they are still kind of toddlers at age three so I am really looking forward to this year with her. Jason and I were talking about some of our favorite things about her personality over this last year.
Here are a few:
-She is queen of putting stuff in bags or purses and just hauling it around the house. (No Jason, she did not get that from me even though I hauled the my "brother word processor to Mexico).
-She has this little yellow ride on toy with orange hair whom we have affectionately named "Ollie" and she is obsessed with driving him around, fixing him with a toy tool set, and cleaning "Ollie's biscuits" with Windex and paper towels.
-No one piles more junk in their bed than Mollie Jane. Every morning I clear her bed of excess stuffed animals, books and toys and every morning when I go get her out of her bed she hauls them all back in her bed.
-She loves to try on her clothes. Her favorite are of course her "Dora" items. I actually don't allow themed clothing. I can't stand it and think it is so tacky so I limit my kids to themed PJ's. Thanks to Natalie, Mollie Jane has a few themed clothing items and she puts them on head to toe. I recently caught her asleep in bed with a Dora t-shirt, underwear, socks and flip flops.
-She had the best smile and when she smiles she almost squints and looks a bit Asian.
-She loves to put lotion on a lots of it.
-She loves Jason to do her hair (which is so random and usually a disaster).
-No matter where she is if she farts she announces to the world that she "has dropped an air biscuit." It is getting crazy embarrassing and we are working on that.
-She loves school and has never really flinched a day in her life when I leave her anywhere. Whether it is school, any friends, overnights, any church nursery, etc. She is very easy going in that sense.
-She also loves to play with the boys. She is very "girly" and loves "girly" things but usually she gravitates to playing with the boys. I think she feels she can boss them around better that the girls. Her best friend this year was her sweet friend Caden Neal in her class. She talks about him all the time and we are so glad they will be in the same class next year.
-She loves her big brother and like most younger siblings wants to do whatever he does and says. They play great together(for the most part).
-She talks all the time and walks around the house with broken and pretend cell phones talking on them. (Seriously, where did she learn those habits?)

We celebrated Mollie Jane's real birthday just with our family and a homemade Dora cake. Mollie Jane got ballet tights and some ballet shoes. She is going to take ballet class this fall and is very excited. We then had the big three year old "Dora The Explorer" party. We had family and friends over to the club and swam and had cake and ice cream. We had crazy lightning storms and had to get in and out of the pool. It was kind of frustrating for our guests but Mollie Jane was just thrilled to have everyone there with her cake and presents. Mollie Jane was so pumped to be officially three by blowing out the candles on her cake.

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Heather said...

Oh I remember that day in the hospital Al! Where does the time go?
Happy, happy birthday MJ! Sorry we couldn't be there. I love that cake!!
Sweet, adorable birthday girl. :)