Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reflecting Back on 2009

What an amazing year we have had. I can't even begin to thank the Lord for his blessings and for seeing us through this year of changes.
When I think back of 2009 I have many fond and favorite memories

you are very into your baby brother.
you were very concerned about me when I was pregnant saying "mommy I worry about you because you have Baby Smith in your tummy"
you were so thrilled to go to Kanakuk and talk about it all time
you take your school and school work so seriously
you tell a joke when you think something is really funny you snicker and put your hand over your mouth
you say you peeked on the ultrasound and said you knew Baby Smith was a boy because you saw the word OB on the ultrasound and those letters are in the word boy
you love your webkinz
you are obsessed with your "body rest" and watch your favorite shows with your fruit snacks
you genuinely enjoy playing with your sister (even though sometimes it gets really loud and a little crazy)
you are into Wii tournaments
you love powdered sugar donuts and sleep overs with Mommy when Daddy is gone
you take your camo writing tablet with you and write all kinds of funny sentences in it
you told Daddy "Smith doesn't speak our language" and you wanted to know when "Sissy would talk like us"
you insist on sleeping with your closet doors shut because you say that if they are left open at night you think you see "Jabba the Hut" and the "Joker"

Mollie Jane
you love your bunk bed and your "bubby" to sleep on the top bunk.
you are a hoarder and you haul all kinds of toys in your bed and stuff in bags and backpacks all over the house.
you take care of your babies feeding them, doing their "nursings", and tummy time
you are obsessed with Dora and still call it "DoDo" and anytime we go somewhere and you see a Dora you yell "DoDo"
you talk daily about "Dora Live" the musical you got to see in San Antonio
you love the most random clothes in your drawer like your "I Love Bubby" "TCBY","DoDo" and "Big Sister" Tshirts
you are extremely loveable and love snuggling
you love to give your brother directions and guidance at times and he is not real receptive to that
you always talk about going on dates with your Daddy and getting your nails done at Walmart
you constantly ask where items that you lost are like your bouncy ball, your brown woobie, etc..
you talk to Baby Smith just like I talk to him
you love school and always say that you play with Caden & Macy
you play so well independently but whenever I nurse Smith for his naps you want to be right by my side
when you get upset you stick out your lower lip and there is major facial drama (I have no idea where you get that your expressive face)
you love to color pictures at your little table
you and Jackson are both into using play tools to fix "Ollie" the little ride on toy and then you always get windex and towels and "clean Ollie's biscuits"
you often say "my Mammy needs me" or "Baby Harper or Baby Vivian needs me" because you have this strong nurturing sense that you need to be there to help people
you love to tell Baby Smith "you came from the hospital, and I was there and Daddy and Mommy and Jackson."

Baby smith
you do a funny double take when you look at something and then smile
you are a massive drooler
the first 3-4 months of your life you screamed in your carseat only because you would rather be held
you sucked your thumb after you ate your cereal
you disliked your high chair until about 7 months and instead liked to be held when you were being fed
you start babbling loudly and almost yelling when you begin to get tired
you love to jump and when you are held you act like you are in your jonny jump up
you did "kick mania in your bath tub where you wildly kicked your feet and arms splashing water everywhere while you had the most serious look on your face
you are a great napper
you have a "mohawk" as your brother and sister call it or a "combover"
you are such a big boy, you came into the world huge and at every check up you are in the 90-95th percentiles
you are a very serious baby with very pensive facial expressions (we say you are like a little grandpa)
we have nicknamed you Stanely

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