Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Smith is seven months old!

Check out my "toothers" I have three. Two bottom and one top.

I cannot get over how big my Baby boy is. We took him to the doctor and he is in the 95% for his height and 70th for his weight. At his four month check up his weight was in the 50% so he has chunked up a bit. I think it is all the food. He is offically eating veggies and fruits. I once again am making all his food. I do enjoy it and tell myself that in months we will be on finger foods. At seven and a half months he got his first tooth and finally has started sitting in his high chair. He started to sit up about six and a half months. He started army crawling at about seven and a half months.
At seven and a half months he can go from laying to siting and vice versa and is trying to crawl. He does the army crawl and the other day Jason set him in the middle of his room on the carpet and he crawled into his closet. Watch out!

I am going to write Smith 's schedule because I know in a year or two I won't even be able to remember what he did every day.
He wakes up between 8:30-9:30 but will stay in his crib and hang out until someone comes to rescue him. I nurse him after he gets up.
He eats 4 oz of formula with oatmeal and 6 oz of fruit (usually always prunes and another fruit)
He takes a morning nap about 11:00ish but is very flexible because our schedule is a little crazy sometimes. I nurse him as he lays down for his nap.
He sleeps about 2 hours or more.
He eats 6-8 oz of veggies and then takes 3 oz of baby yogurt
He usually takes an afternoon nap about 4:00 but is pretty flexible. I nurse him to lay him down for his nap.
He sleeps about one to two hours.
He gets up and eats dinner around 7:00 or so eating 6-8 oz of veggies and 4oz of formula with oatmeal.
We do a bath every night and usually goes to bed after his sibling do at about 9:00 but sometimes we like to keep you up and play with you. I nurse you before I lay you down at night. You are a great sleeper and sometimes you get laid down asleep and sometimes awake but either way you rarely fuss.
I usually nurse you right before I go to bed (which unfortunately is about midnight every night) just to keep up my milk supply and to make sure you are getting enough milk because it is so busy during the day that I can't find another time to do it.

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