Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A teachable moment on being bossy but for who I'm not sure

So we have been working on Mollie Jane and helping her not to "mother" everyone all the time or as Jackson puts it so nicely "bossing people around."
So we had a funny car ride today.

Jackson- "Sissy is bossing me around"
Me- "Sissy remember talk to your Bubby but don't tell him what to do. Mommy and Daddy are his bosses and we will tell him what he needs to do, Okay?
But you are the boss of Jess (her American Girl Doll) Jess probably needs lots of help so you can help her."
Jackson- "Mom, I have five bosses"
Me- "Really, five? Who are your five bosses?
Jackson- You, Daddy, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit (he is all about the Trinity these days as they are studying it at school)
Mollie Jane- In her most serious voice "I think I am going to boss Jess around today and tomorrow"
Me- I attempt to explain bossing a little more saying things like "Jesus is our boss and is like a shepherd" etc.... and "Mommy is your boss and guides you too but I try to do it very lovingly" I then proceed to tell the kids that "Daddy is the boss of our whole family and he is in charge of our family."
Jackson-"Well Mommy,I think really you are kind of the boss of the family and Daddy is the boss of the family like two days a year"
Me- "Really, Pal, which two days are those?"
Jackson- "Father's Day and Daddy's birthday"
Me- "Oh right"

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