Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mollie Jane's Valentines Day Party

Mollie Jane was very proud of her picture frame that she made at her party.

Mollie Jane had a Valentines Party at School. She loves school and everyone in the class is her best friend (literally). I had several Moms of the little girls in her class tell me we need to set up a play date with Mollie Jane and their child. Mollie Jane usually asks really only for the boys in her class to come and play (mainly Caden).
She made a frame with a picture of herself.
We played Valentines Bingo (although Mollie Jane ate more of the M&M's than she put on her card)
We passed out our Valentines
We had a yummy snack and juice box
She showed Smith the toys she plays with in her class. Poor Smith was just sitting on a rug in the corner of the room chewing on a chew toy and Mollie Jane would drag out a toy from the shelf and show it to him and say "look Baby." He loved all the activity and is always happy if Mollie Jane is around.

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