Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mollie Jane at the Ballet

Mollie Jane picked out the donut with the most sprinkles of course!

Mollie Jane and I spent a fun night at the ballet. Jason has been gone a couple of weeks at army duty so my awesome Mom flew up to help us out. She sent Mollie Jane and I on a "girls night" to see Alley II a cool modern ballet. So it was Mollie Jane and I (and of course her American Girl doll-Jess had to go as well). We got Jess all dressed up that day so she could go to the ballet. I guess during body rest time Mollie Jane changed her clothes because as we got out of the car to go to the ballet, I looked down and Jess is wearing a belly shirt that is too short and a bathrobe with her "biscuits" hanging out. I took the opportunity to teach Mollie Jane how you dress if you go to the theater or ballet. We opted to leave Jess in the car due to her funky outfit. Oh Dear! It was a little sad. However, we got over it and instead of the three of us seeing the ballet it was just the two of us. Mollie Jane did awesome and was wide eyed during the performance. It was fun and Mollie Jane kept saying all night "Mommy, it's just the girls." When it was over we headed to Krispy Kreme for a donut. Here were Mollie Janes hilarious comments during the ballet
-"What is going to happen here?" as the lights went out and the curtain was about to open
-"Why are the boys dressed up? They're crazy"
-"Where are those M&M things?" talking about the skittles I brought
-"Why do boys do ballet up on stage? Why are they dressed up in those suits?"
-"Everyone has to be very quiet, you have to whisper" she leans over and whispers this to me in the middle of the ballet
-"This is great"
-"I like these ballets. Daddy would like the boy ballets. Daddy is a boy."
-"I think Miss Stacy (her ballet teacher)is going to come out on the stage in a minute"
-"Mommy, we have to be very quiet when she is doing her ballet" about a woman doing a solo on stage
-"I do ballet in my class. I don't do go on a stage"
-"I curtsy with my ballet teacher"
It was priceless and so was her face.

Mollie Jane in her ballet class. She loves it and calls her ballet clothes her "ballets."

Mollie Jane with her famous ballet teacher Miss Stacy

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