Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines

Baby Jackson on Valentines Day 2003

Baby Mollie Jane at Valentines Day 2007

Baby Smith on Valentines Day this year 2010

The Valentines Day Celebration at Chick Fill A

We had a fun Valentines Day. My Valentine is out of town doing army training for a couple of weeks so we celebrated without Daddy this year. Although, Dad left some fun gifts with a friend who delivered them to us that morning on our doorstep. We went to Chick Fill A the night before for a fun dinner they put on. They had table cloths on the table, they waited on us and we were seated. It was fun although my kids kept spilling things on the tablecloths, pulling the tablecloth off accidently and then Jackson asked if they were still going to be able to play in the play place because it was awfully dark in the restaurant. I guess we don't eat at nice restraunts often enough. So thanks to Chick Fill A for that attempted exposure to what a nice restraunt is like but I think my kids will just stick to your normal fast food restaurant. We had fun though. We then went to church on the actual Valentines Day and came home and had mac n cheese, played Wii and the celebrated with a little Planet Earth and donuts in bed. What more could you ask for besides our favorite Valentine.

Donuts before bed. The best Valentine treat in the Brawner house

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