Friday, February 12, 2010

Jackson's Valentine's Day Party

Mollie Jane thinks she is in Jackson's class. She always assumes her positon in a desk with Lauren. Lauren is such a sweet girl and so nuturing to her.
Jackson thought he was cool stuff with his Valentines Box.

Smith was the most popular attraction at the party.

Since Daddy is in the army, Jackson thought he would like it if we made a tank.

Jackson was so excited for his Valentines Party. His assignment was to make a box for his Valentine cards. He wanted to make an army tank. We used remote control monster truck and turned it into a tank. We worked on and off on it for about two weeks. We walked it into his class today with it and beamed. The whole class "ohhed" and "ahhhed" when he brought it in.
Mollie Jane, Smith and I got to his class at two for the party. They decorated cookies, ate the cookies, and then opened their Valentines. The sweetest girl in Jackson's class always shares her desk with Mollie Jane and is so kind to her. She let Mollie Jane help her open her Valentines and gave her stickers and half of all her candy. What a doll. Smith ate his lunch in the bumbo seat on Mr Beckman's filing cabinet and then played in the front of the class on the floor with a chew toy. I looked over and there were about eight first graders circled around Smith just playing with him. Smith was like his own activity at the party. He was in heaven with all the attention.
There was lot of yelling as each first grader was told to say "thank you" to everyone that gave them a valentine. There was also plenty of sugar!

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