Monday, December 28, 2009

It's still Christmas Time in Texas

We had such a great time in Texas. It is my vacation every time we go there. My kids love spending time with my Mom and Dad because my parents just love to play with my kids. Jackson and Mollie Jane loved sleeping in the two twin beds in the downstairs. They used to always sleep in separate room but there are too many kids now. It is so fun with two babies. Thank goodness my Mom has collected every baby apparatus and toy known to man. My kids love all the toys at Mammy's and love that several of them used to be "Mommy's and Aunt Buzzy's" toys.
We got to open presents that Santa left in San Antonio on the 28th after our crazy twelve hour drive to Texas on the 27th. Mom then cooked a great leftover Christmas dinner meal and we had the yummy Christmas dinner again. Super fun and a very restful visit for me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day: The Best Day of the Year!

Merry Christmas to our Christmas Baby! Time to get up and open presents

We slept in (which I am so grateful to have children that will sleep in especially since we were up half the night) and woke up to the yummiest breakfast which I look forward to all year. The kids love sorting all the gifts from under the tree into piles and telling everyone where they sit.
Jackson's gifts this year were Wii Resorts, Wii Clone Wars, Nerf dart guns,
Mollie Jane's gifts were Dora Wii, a play market, pajamas,
Smith's gifts were a rocking horse, ball toys, baby toys.
Jason gifts were some much needed clothes
My gifts included an alarm clock, and a bathrobe.
One of my favorite things about Christmas day is after all the fun gift opening is done the best part of the day still awaits us and that is the best meal of the year.
Our yummy menu this year consisted of J's turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, veggies, rolls, mashed potatoes & gravy, and pumpkin dessert. It was divine and we were lucky to have leftovers.
This year Jason's parents, sister Jill, Baby Vivian, and her husband David came.
It was really such a fabulous day and the kids loved being at home with all their presents and visitors.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus It's Christmas Eve

What a fabulous Christmas Eve. We started the day off at Bass Pro trying to get our picture with Santa. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We had tried weeks before and the wait was too long. It was quite a line and an ordeal to see Santa but we did it. There was a little Christmas train there the kids rode and poor Smith ate his breakfast waiting in line to see Santa.
We went to church for a great service.
We then came home and had our "Birthday Party for Jesus." Jackson and Mollie Jane were so excited. A tradition in our home is that we hide "Baby Jesus" every year when we get out our Christmas decorations. We hide him because he wasn't born until Christmas Eve. Jackson gives clues to Jason and he gets "Baby Jesus out of hiding" and he goes on our cake. We ate cake and got the cookies and milk out for Santa.
Jackson was so cute and made a sign for Santa telling Santa where to sit. We opened presents from the kids to each other. Jackson got a "webkinz carrier" and some Webkinz clothes. Smith got a "Build A Bear" which is just like his older siblings monkeys. Jackson has a "George" monkey. Mollie Jane has a "Georgie" monkey. So they wanted to get Smith a monkey also and they name it "Jorge." Mollie Jane got some Dora items and a ballet book and necklace.
The kids were so excited to go to sleep and they had been tracking Santa on the internet. Jason and I of course were up crazy late. Every year I say I am going to get stuff done early next year and every year we're up crazy late. I really wish I could "bottle up" their excitement and sweet sayings.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas with The Brawners

All seven grandkids and counting (I am pretty sure on the Jones's count not the Brawner count)

We went down to Kari and Trav's house in Branson to celebrate Christmas. It was such a fun but wild evening. 3 small babies, 3 boys and Mollie Jane makes seven kids. Boy how we "beefed up" the Brawner family in 2009. Kari literally had the baby one week before we came to her house. She is pretty amazing that she had our crazy crew with a one week old baby girl and two busy boys! It was a yummy chilli dinner. The opening of the presents was way fun. Lots of ripping and screaming. Jackson was so funny and organized every present in a pile after opening each gift. Molie Jane and Owen were busy making crafts out of construction paper. Jackson and Jameson had fun playing Jackson's "Mario-Cart" Wii game. While Jill, Kari and I breastfeed with our "hooter hiders." It did at times feel like a meeting of the "La-Leche League." It is so fun to have three babies. I keep telling Jill never again will it be this fun unless you go for triplets cauz I think the Brawner side is done. We even managed to get one fun grandkid pic right as Kaylin woke up and right before Smith went to bed. Seeing Jason's family is just "few and far between" so it was sure a fun treat for us to see everybody.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Day of Parties

The best messy snack- a chocolate fountain.

We had a wild day of parties. We went over to the Teas's house (they started Camp Barnabas and are the couple that hired Jason). They gave Smith this adorable Santa outfit, Jackson a game and Mollie Jane some Tinkerbell dolls and Cindy baked us some yummy cupcakes. They are amazing human beings and have so been there for me this year (even well before Jason was employed at Barnabas). We saw them off before they went to Texas for Christmas and then Jackson had a party at school. Mollie Jane and I went, while Smith napped at home with Jason. I had this fabulous idea that Jackson needed hot chocolate and a chocolate fountain with all sorts of goodies for dipping for the snack. It was a crazy messy but the kids loved it and Jackson was so proud that I brought "our" chocolate fountain. He kept asking me, "Mommy, are you going to be my teacher for our party?" They made a penguin craft and played games. Jackson was also just as excited to deliver Christmas gifts to his secretary, principal and teacher. I thought it was very dear that he really wanted to give all these people something for Christmas. I was afraid that if I didn't come up with a gift he might spend hours at home and make a big mess trying to make some "lovely craft project" to give them. Much like me in first grade when I gave my principal Mr Combs at Westchester Elementary in St. Louis the most heinous quilt I made from my own "little girl" sewing machine. Oh Dear! So we made them poppy seed bread, a card and got them a CD. The best was watching Jackson walk in the principals office. I had this feeling he was dying to see Mr Baker's office. He thinks Mr. Baker is way cool but said he had never been in his office. Since, it is a private Christian school discipline issues have been virtually nonexistent (which is so good for our first born Mr. Serious, "by the book" rule boy). He said "only one little boy from our class got to go inside Mr Baker's office but he got a spanking" (although Jackson can't remember what he got a spanking for). Jackson finally got to see Mr Baker's office "spanking free." It was a fun party and Mollie Jane always picks a little girl in his class and shares a desk with her and just acts like she is part of the class.
We then came home and had a "camouflage, Dora party" for Jason for his big 35th birthday. Yes, it was a "Camo," "Do-Do" (as Mollie Jane affectionately has always referred to Dora as "Do-Do") party. My kids are obsessed with "themes" of birthday parties. They unfortunately get that from their mom who obviously spent maybe a few too many years in elementary schools where one's life revolves solely on themes. (I secretly admit that I love it. I think the world should revolve on themes- they're so happy.) Jackson picked "Camo" because Daddy was in the Army and this year Mollie Jane wanted it to be a "Do-Do" one as well. Jackson said Daddy doesn't like "Do-Do" and Mollie Jane's face was distraught. So I explained to Jackson just because it isn't Daddy's favorite doesn't mean he doesn't like it so out of that conversation a dual themed party was born. Usually Jackson has always chosen the theme (because Mollie Jane was too little). We have had spider man, clone wars, firefighter and now the "Camo, Do-Do" theme. It is a running joke that Jason's party is always the same crew. Due to the fact that his birthday falls 3 days before Christmas we can really never find anyone with free time able to attend except for his parents, his sister and our sweet Kilbourne family (who really are family to us). So any of my mass blog followers reading this (HAHAHA) please know it is an open invitation to come over on the 22nd to celebrate the birth of J. We were so glad to add Baby Vivian this year. Viv and her Christmas headband and Jason's fun candle that Natalie brought were the hit of the party. So once again that was the crew this year. It was fun and due to the craziness of the day and this year we opted for no pinata (don't worry dear- we will try to bring it back next year). We had a great dinner and yummy dark chocolate birthday cake. It was a fabulous day of partying!

The birthday boy at his party. I can't believe my camera died and I didn't get pics of the cake. Guess that is what a full day of partying will get you. Next year I am going to try to be more organized and remember to charge my camera!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Meeting the Sweet New Babies

Sweet Chubby Miss Kaylin Sue Brawner and Big Smith meeting for the first time.

"From the fullness of Grace, we have received one blessing after another." John 1:16
This verse sums up how we felt when we added two new girls to our family.
Vivian Suzette Jones was born to Jason's sister Jill and her husband David. She is the little peanut of the family weighing 6 lbs, 10 oz born on November 12th. They live in Richmond, VA and finally came into town this week so we could meet Baby Viv.
Kaylin Sue Brawner weighing 8 lbs, 11 oz was born to Jason's brother Travis and his wife Kari on December 14th. They live in Branson. We decided we defenitely needed to make a trip down to meet both of these sweet girls. Mollie Jane was so excited. She is all about babies these days. She just adores Smith and her favorite thing to do is take care of her baby dolls. We first met Baby Kaylin who was such a big, chubby girl but seemed so tiny. It is amazing how quick those newborn days fly by and you forget that babies are ever that tiny. We then met Baby Vivian and Aunt Jill at Starbucks in Branson. It is also amazing the difference one month makes in babies. While Vivian was probably still not as big as Kaylin, she was much more alert. Mollie Jane held her and "oohhed and gooed" over her so much. She had the biggest smile on her face and said "Mommy, I just love babies." When we left, Mollie Jane said she wants to take Baby Vivian to Camp Barnabas with us. Which is so precious because Mollie Jane has been talking about things that are extremely special or important to her and then saying "I want to take that to Camp Barnabas with me." I told her depending on how Baby Vivian is sleeping Aunt Jill might let us have her.
They are precious babies. I feel blessed to be their Aunt and I hope they know how much they were prayed for before they even arrived into this world. I can't wait to see what God does is "sassy Miss Vivian's" life and "sweet, laid back Miss Kaylin's" life.
This picture is priceless. Mollie Jane is in heaven loving on Baby Viv in her fancy pink velvet outfit. Love at first sight for sure.

The meeting of the cousins (minus Jackson who was at school and the other Brawners)